• About Blue Sheep Stationery Pty (Ltd)

    Welcome to Blue Sheep Stationery, your go-to destination for premium stationery products based in beautiful South Africa. We are passionate about providing high-quality stationery that combines functionality, style, and a touch of uniqueness. 

    Blue's Story

    Meet BLUE, the melancholic sheep who proudly runs as a mascot of BLUE SHEEP Pty (Ltd) brand.


    BLUE a.k.a. The Melancholic Sheep lives in a tiny garage in a farm called The Blue Bush. Since he lost his parents in a storm when he was young, he has been always melancholic. But now he is about to start a new business by selling his soft-as-a-cloud fur! Help BLUE set up a lovely office in his tiny garage with some stationeries!

  • Blue

  • Bluffy

  • Bell

  • Blep

The Founding Story

This is the tale of an enterprising individual who, driven by a bold idea, founded Blue Sheep Stationery. In 2010, while still a student in the historic town of Stellenbosch, he embarked on this venture from a modest basement setting. With resources gathered through a bit of creative online sourcing, the support of his girlfriend’s laptop, and funds pooled from friends, he set the stage for what was to come. Despite having limited experience, his determination was unwavering.

His journey took an exciting turn when he connected with a fellow entrepreneur from China. This partnership marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. Together, they launched the brand’s first line of stationery products, initially sold in a local Stellenbosch cafeteria. From there, growth was exponential. By the next season, Blue Sheep Stationery was a name known in 65 stores across the nation, all serviced from his trusty 1400 Nissan bakkie.

As purchase orders surged, so did the brand’s reputation, especially among students and major retailers. This story stands as a testament to the power of vision, resilience, and the magic of starting small to dream big.